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Friday, January 7, 2011

this new blog

Hello and welcome to my brand new blogspot blog.

I thought for a long time about where I was headed with my creativity on my Tumblr blog and decided I wanted a fresh start with all the ideas I had floating around my head.

Although I will continue to post things on that blog (I don't think I could ever close that chapter of my life), I wanted to have another domain where I could post in-depth articles about things that fascinate and attract me, things I like to listen to, things I like to look at, places I like to visit, places I want to go, things I want to do,  friends I spend my time with and my life as a 20-something year old woman who lives in (and studies in) Sydney.

As an individual, I am constantly inspired by people and things I surround myself with. I create artworks in mini Moleskine diaries which I post periodically to my Flickr page and sometimes share on Tumblr.

When I was looking for a creative outlet in 2009, after exhausting all hope I ever had of being able to draw, paint or play music, I decided to think outside the square. Scouring magazines at work I stumbled across some photos which had lovely backgrounds which I initially combined to make juxtaposed collages of images. I then decided to take it a step further and decided to combine these paper collages with words, sayings, poems and lyrics that I found had a significant meaning to me into little works of art. To my surprise I got a lot of positive feedback about my work and have even been lucky enough to be featured in an online magazine. 

I find it quite hard to fully express myself - to articulate my feelings into speech - I feel I would just have a cascade of things tumble out of my mouth and into the air if I actually said what was on my mind. I found that some artists and musicians had already said what I wanted to get across perfectly and by me combining them with my art, I found I could have the best creative outlet - a place I could revisit my feelings and emotions - almost like a little diary.

I hope you enjoy this little slice of me.

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