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Sunday, June 26, 2011

a little mixtape vol. 6

  1. M83 - Kim & Jessie
  2. Metronomy - The Look
  3. Bon Iver - Towers
  4. Architecture in Helsinki - Escapee
  5. Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed
  6. Buchanan - Teachers
  7. WIM - See You Hurry
  8. Loon Lake - In The Summer
  9. Late of the Pier - Random Firl
  10. Waylayers - Fires
  11. Wild at Heart - Get Related
  12. Bon Iver - Beth/Rest
  13. Fleet Foxes - Mykonos
  14. Death Cab for Cutie - Codes & Keys
  15. Ghostwood - Ghost
  16. Grizzly Bear - About Face
  17. Fleet Foxes - Your Protector
  18. Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down
  19. The New Pornographers - Sing Me Spanish Techno
  20. Oh Mercy - Seemed Like a Good Idea 
all songs available on iTunes. 


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

artist spotlight: Washed Out

Because I have just finished my first semester at uni ever (I'm a late starter), I am in total relaxation mode. This week I plan to do the absolute minimum when it comes to physical activity, a challenge that I accept wholeheartedly before I venture back to work next week... Anyway, I thought I'd write a post about one of my favourite dreamy bands, Washed Out who are probably one of the best bands to listen to when... well doing nothing.

Washed Out stems from the brain child Ernest Greene. Greene started out in June 2009 messing around with sounds and eventually posting them online. He was soon on the radars of music bloggers  and there begun the "chillwave" musical journey that is Washed Out.

His first two EPs were released in August and September 2009 and have garnered Greene quite a reasonable following.

His EP, Life of Leisure is a mix of dreamy chillwave with distinct summery and dance-y vibes similar to the ilk of Neon Indian. Notable tracks include "New Theory" and "Feel it All Around". He has had great success with touring all around the world and I had the pleasure of seeing them last December at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney and met the band after spending an hour or so discussing different keyboards and synths and all sorts of things - a very lovely and friendly bunch of people who make great music - all good in my books!

One of my most anticipated album releases Within and Without is due to drop on the 12th of July, I can't wait to hear the new tunes the band has come up with but here is a delicious teaser of "Eyes Be Closed"

The Life of Leisure EP is available for purchase on iTunes and the album will be out next month.

What do you think of Washed Out? Send me some feedback!

Until next time, Farväl.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

artist spotlight: Buchanan

hello folks,
I'm going to write a little bit about an up-and-coming Australian act who go by the name of Buchanan.

This little band comprised of Josh Simons and John Bara formed in 2009. They hail from Melbourne and are an active part of the Triple J Unearthed project.

They have a great 60s-esque vibe and have been likened to the band Phoenix amongst others and their tunes are definitely ones you can dance to on a Friday night... or whilst cleaning your room... either/or.

With excellent reviews on their 5-track EP (with a bonus 6th track), "No Photo", their second EP release, a mini-tour with Gypsy and the Cat in Melbourne and Sydney, and a slot at the Melbourne St Jerome's Laneway Festival this year, Buchanan are set for more high praise and undoubtedly set for future success.

The "No Photo" EP is available for purchase online from iTunes and you can get it JB Hi-Fi, it's worth a spin on the old decks, each track has a special something for everyone with a layered composition effect, this band is a refreshing new addition to my music collection. Check here for upcoming gigs and events from them!

Check out "Moon" and "Mr Keeperman"