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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

artist spotlight: Georgia Fields

Since I'm on a roll with the artist spotlights, I thought I'd move a little closer to home and do one on a marvellous young lady called Georgia Fields.

Georgia is a young singer/songwriter from Melbourne who made her debut in 2007. She has a couple of releases under her belt and can be compared with the likes of Indie darlings Clare Bowditch and Sarah Blasko.

Her self titled LP, Georgia Fields has 14 tracks full of whimsy, and sees her experimenting with a multitude of sounds, all to a great effect.

 Tracks to listen out for are "All the Kings Men", "Two for Tea" with their lovely use of ukelele and the wittily titled "Sinking Relation Ship".

Perfect for listening to on a cold winter's evening (or any time for that matter), her lyrics are full of lovely tales and if you dig a little deeper you can find quite interesting stories in them.

Her tunes are available for purchase on iTunes and you can check out her myspace here, look out for the self titled LP and her EPs, "Drama on the High Seas of Emotion", "Something Borrowed, Something Blue", and "One Finger"

A delightful lady with pretty tunes, definitely worth a listen!


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