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Monday, July 25, 2011

artist spotlight: Kisses

I have found the perfect band to listen to whilst wishing my Winter blues away.


Kisses - The Heart Of The Nightlife LP  
What can I say about this duo? From the first listen to their LP I was hooked. It was pretty crazy I could have SWORN that it was Jens Lekman singing however was surprised to find it wasn't, in fact they aren't even a European band but one from Los Angeles, they are Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundsun. 

It is impossible to feel blue when listening to them... all I want to do is dance and I crave summer afternoons where I'll be blasting Kisses on my balcony in the sun. 

Filed under the genres "Chill-wave", "Chamber Pop"and "Light Synth pop" they have an 80s vibe going on which is always welcome in my boat! They also have really cool lyrics

so keep your heart strong
and love long
and give kisses when you can

Listen to "Bermuda" for a summery vibe and "Kisses" because it has good advice and for a more laid back vibe listen to "On The Move".

Kisses have now sky rocketed to one of my favourite finds of the year, I recommend getting their LP and having a listen and a dance...

You can listen to them here, become a fan of them here  and you can buy their LP off iTunes and for Australians you can get it at JB Hi-FI.

Now for some ear candy... (Bermuda)

Enjoy! Farväl

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